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SAmple video demo

This is a sample video to give you an idea of how they look when put to use. You can make a variety of edits to make them unique, such as changing images, or adding things to them, change the audio, change the timing, change the animation effects, change fonts etc. 

Some of them are single pages and others are 2-4 pages if you want to spread the event details out onto different pages instead of just one.

Decision time

For a limited time you can get 5 Digital Video Invitations with PLR rights plus the bonus graphics for Only $21.95

People are selling similar items on Etsy for $8 or more for just ONE so you only need to sell 2-3 of these to recoup your costs and make a profit!

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I saw someone on Etsy selling just ONE template similar to these with PLR for just under $10! Plus you get the bonus clipart as well! This deal gives you 5 of them for just a little bit more! How can you pass that up?

So using the above example you're saving about $28 if you were buying 5 of them!

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